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Munani Pharmaceuticals has a well developed & trusted supply chain network in the pharmaceutical industry which enables us to provide customised quantities whether small or bulk to its clients all over the world at affordable prices. We are experts in cold chain packaging for temperature control shipments & possess all necessary equipment to deal with them.

Validated Cold Chain Shipment

Validated Cold Chain and Distribution describes drug products supply chain distribution procedures in order to assure the strength, purity, efficacy and quality after storage, transportation and distribution operations and actually till the product arrives for patient use.

Some of the Pharmaceutical products should be kept within the defined controlled environmental condition, as written on the product label, through the supply chain as a whole.

According to Good Distribution Practices standards, Munani Pharma assures all related entities along the entire pharmaceutical supply chain have to assure that product handling, storage, transportation and distribution are being performed appropriately for temperature, relative humidity, light, oxygen and other relevant environmental conditions and monitoring for these conditions should be established and validated in order to assure product identity, strength, purity, efficacy, quality and safety.

Global Chain of Emergency Medicines

Munani Pharma provides a faster and convenient medicine supply to your doorstep. We are one of the fastest emergency medicine distribution company. We have a large network of our distributors across the globe who are working for us 24x7.